George Karl Takes Shot At Lakers Roster After DeAndre Jordan News
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After a flurry of action at the beginning of free agency, the NBA has finally slowed down, with most rosters set for the upcoming 2021-22 season.

However, the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers continue to build their teams as both squads look like they are on a crash course to meet each other in the 2022 Finals. The Nets were able to sign Paul Millsap to shore up their frontcourt rotation while the Lakers snagged Rajon Rondo after the Memphis Grizzlies bought him out.

Brooklyn made another splash move when they decided to part ways with DeAndre Jordan and traded him to the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons waived Jordan, and all signs point to him signing with Los Angeles once he is available.

The Purple and Gold have tripled down on adding older veterans to complement a roster built around LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook. Jordan is another name to add to that collection. The age looks like a concern to outsiders, and former NBA head coach George Karl took a shot at the team via his :

There are absolutely concerns about the collective age of the Lakers roster, but there is too much talent and experience for them to falter early like they did last postseason. To Karl’s point, most of these players were in their prime during the 2012-13 season but still have gas in the tank to get the job done next June.

Karl is just the most recent naysayer pointing out the glaring age factor in Los Angeles, but that will not matter in the playoffs when there are only 16 games the team has to win to capture banner No. 18. So even though the Lakers are favored to win the Western Conference, it feels like they are underdogs, and that type of mindset will carry them throughout the regular season.

Rajon Rondo believes wisdom is the key to championships

Although people like Karl might want to poke fun at the Lakers, players like Rajon Rondo actually view the roster age as an advantage. Rondo believes that wisdom is key to winning championships, and Los Angeles has plenty of that.

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